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The adidas Trimm Trab was introduced in the mid 1970's. The first shoe above is a 1975 model and
 has the "boxed adidas" branding, the second pair are from the mid 1990's. 
The shoe reached iconic status in the early 80's with football fans and casuals.
The Trimm Trab along with the Forest Hills and Munchen were classics of their time.

During the 1970's and 80's numerous classics were released with the same sole unit as the Trimm Trab.
 The models included: Jaguar Super, Madrid, Malaga, Munchen, Suisse, Olympia S, Silver Star, Spezial,
 Strada, Trieste, Alassio, Vigo, Wilhelm Bungert Super, Tennis Exclusiv, Centre Court,
Professional, Tennis Spezial and Allround among many others.

The famous Polyurethane sole or PU as it is sometimes known was made of Sempuran S
by a German company (Semperit GmbH). adidas described it as a sensational development,
light weight, flexible, good shock absorbing ability and having excellent grip.
Unfortunately, most original PU soled shoes from the 70's and 80's that are still in existence
have deteriorated. While the uppers may be fine, the soles become sticky/tacky and
eventually start to crumble.

The Trimm Trab has had several reissues over the last several years. During 2004-2005 there
were 12 models released, followed by a limited edition Consortium pair. In late 2007 adidas released
a limited to 100 pairs "Liverpool" model. The shoe celebrated the opening of the
adidas store in Liverpool, England. Several more Trimm Trabs have been reissued for 2009/2010 season.

Trimm Trab Consortium and two late 2009 models.

adidas Trimm Trab "Liverpool" released in 2007, only 100 pairs ever produced.

Some of the 2004/2005 adidas Trimm Trab releases. Also pictured are the limited to 100 pairs "adidas Liverpool Trimm Trab", released in late 2007.